Here at the Gaukler Family Wellness Center we have a variety of amenities to help you achieve the fitness goals you are working towards. Our Wellness Center has basketball courts, an indoor pool with hot tub, upper level fitness area with walking track, and multiple classrooms for group fitness & an indoor playground.

Shirt & shoes are required in our facility at all times with the exception of the pool area. Shoes are not allowed in our playground.

Party Room

Our party room is available for rent.
This room includes:

  • Tables & Chairs
  • Full Kitchen (stove, sink, refrigerator, etc.)
  • Demonstration area

Along with the party room, you and your guests have access to the pool, basketball courts, and the indoor playground. At this time, all rentals are during weekends (with select hours), limit of 15 people per party and all parties have a flat rate of $100. For more information like times and amenities or to get a rental form, click here.
Call 845-3294 for details

Basketball Courts

Due to Covid-19 guests must bring your own basketball. Social distancing is highly encouraged.

Immediately when you enter our facility you will notice the basketball courts. Our 2 full size basketball courts are open to the public.  We have 12 baskets available, members have plenty of room to work on their jump shot! Baskets can be adjusted in height from 8-10ft.
Shirts & non-marking sole shoes required.

Fitness Area & Track

Located on the upper level of the Wellness Center, our weight room and track
provide many workout opportunities.

Our Fitness area provides free weights, weight machines, and cardio machines. The GFWC also provides a 150m walking/running track with 3 lanes. Shirt and shoes are required in our fitness areas & gymnasium.

Fitness Classes

There are currently fitness classes are limited to 9 people per class due to COVID-19.

Located on the upper level of the Wellness Center, our fitness classes provide fun and exciting new way’s for members of all ages to enjoy their workout!

Classes include Body Power, Senior Fit, Yoga, Cycling, AquaFit, Revolution, CoreCardio and more! If you have questions about a class, give us a call and we can help!