Topics covered in the class will include:

  1. Grill Use
  • Get to know your propane grill
  • Get to know your charcoal grill (if applicable)
  • Creating smoke/ indirect cooking with a propane grill
  1. Rubs (possibly marinades depending on timing)
  • Science of Salt
  • “Carnivore” Rub; base of all meat rubs
  • Creating your own rubs
  • Seasoning/ Rubbing meat
  1. Degree of Doneness
  • Lethality / “Food Safety”
  • Using a Thermometer
  • Time/ Temperature
  • Cooked Meat Resting
  1. Grilling Fruit
  • The how to’s of creating a sweet desert on a grill

When: July 8th
Where: Chautauqua Park
Time: 5:15pm- presentation begins at 5:30pm
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