Equipment Orientation 
If you are interested in doing an equipment orientation, the front desk can help!
To schedule something email

Youth Member/Non-Member Policy at Gaukler Family Wellness 

​GFWC does allow strollers on the track

  • Child must remain securely inside stroller while on second floor
  • Stroller must remain on the track and within Parents’ control

​Children 8 years & under must be accompanied and supervised at all times by a Parent (or someone 16yrs or older)

  • First floor access only

Children 9 years and older can be in our facility without an adult and must abide by facility rules and regulations
Children 9 years old and under are limited to the first floor facilities- no exceptions

  • Gymnasium
  • Playground
  • Swimming Pool

​Children 10 years and older can access the fitness area & classes on the 2nd floor with a Parent

  • Parent must be with in arms reach of child at all times- no exceptions

​Children ages 11-15 can gain access to 2nd floor without a Parent by taking our Equipment Orientation class and earn a wristband

    • Children must be a member of GFWC or pay the daily drop in to receive Wristband
    • Wristband classes are offered several times per month
    • Youth members with a wristband must wear wristband at all times when on 2nd floor-no exceptions

Age Restricted Areas/Wristband Policies

9+ (No Wristband)- pool, playground, gymnasium

11-12years (Red Band)

      • Cardio Equipment/Track/Plyometric boxes
      • Must complete class & have adult signature to receive wristband

13-15years (Blue Band)

    • Cardio Equipment, Track, Plyometric boxes, Nautilus Pin weight machines, Medicine Balls
    • Must complete class & have adult signature to receive wristband

Youth members 16+ have full facility access and must abide by facility rules & regulations

*Any youth member that does not abide by rules and regulations set forth by VCPR and its staff will be reprimanded and may lose privileges to the facility temporarily or permanently. Parents will be contacted immediately with any issues.