The classes available at the Gaukler Family Wellness Center give you the opportunity to experience a variety of exercises. All the classes are available with the membership (or daily pass) at no additional charge. Click here to see the entire class schedule.

Current Classes Currently Offered at the Gaukler Family Wellness Center 

Express Series– Our express series classes are 30 minute classes that are offered throughout the month and are lead by Stacy. These classes are a variety of strength, calisthenics, HIIT, and a few others! Try one out this month! 

Body Power- Is offered Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s at 5:15 AM with Steph. BP is a barbell and dumbbell class that is ideal for you if you are looking to get toned. In BP you go at your own speed, you use weights that work for you and push yourself as much as you can. Great for beginners and experts. 

Yoga Unwind- Is offered Monday’s at 7 PM and is taught by Lindsey. This class is perfect for beginning yogis or those looking to practice at a slower pace. This gentle class focuses on building strength while lengthening muscles and learning to bring breathe awareness to movement. 

Senior Fit- Is offered Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 10 AM and is taught by Stacy. Senior Fit is designed mainly for seniors but anyone is welcome to participate. This class is to get you moving using light weights to encourage some strength training with your movements. 

Zumba Is offered Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 5:15 PM with Kari. Come join the party! Latin rhythm and dance to create fat-burning, body-energizing movements. The perfect combo of fun and fitness for every age and fitness level.  

Cycling- Is offered mornings, noon and some evenings and are taught by a variety of instructors (check the Fitness Calendar for exact time and instructors). It is a great cardiovascular workout as you climb hills, work on intervals, mixed in with sprints and other challenging drills. All levels are welcome to cycling. Summer will affect availability of classes. 

Restorative Yoga– Is offered Thursday’s at 11 AM and is taught by Lindsey. This class focuses on longer poses and postures in addition to deeper breathing which helps evoke the relaxation response in the body.

Aqua Fit- Is offered 5 days a week, in either the morning or afternoons (check the Fitness Calendar for exact time and instructors) and takes place in the pool! This class is all about movement and being active all while taking it easy on your joints in the water. Everyone is welcome to participate in Aqua Fit. The hot tub and rest of the pool area are closed at the time of class. 

Stretch and Recovery– Is offered on Sunday’s at 3 PM during the month and is taught by Alysha.  Low impact stretching class for all ages and fitness levels. This classes focuses on static stretching techniques to help improve flexibility, range of motion, and decrease muscle soreness.

Other classes offered at the GFWC but are not available at this time include GlideFit, Yoga, Foam Rolling,  the Turkey Tri and Yoga in the Parks. Also, if you’re looking for something that we aren’t currently offering, check out Fitness On Demand in Fitness Room 2. You can go in there at anytime and start a class that suits your needs. If you need help getting things started or how to use Fitness On Demand, come ask the front desk for help. 

Interested in a personal trainer? Email Hilary at for more information.