If you have any questions or concerns email Amy at amyp@vcparks.com

Bike Rentals are available for the 2021 season


Prices: $3.00 for the first hour.

$1.00 for every hour after 1st hour

Steps for Renting Bike

  1. Open Movatic App and select the Valley City Location.
  2. Select the bike number you want to rent out and press Rent Bike, Make sure your Bluetooth is on. *Note you must be within 4-5 feet of the bike you wish to check out.
  3. The lock your bike is on will start to beep and flash. You will have 10 seconds to remove the bike from the lock.

Steps for returning bike

  1. Roll bike back into rack and confirm that the bike is secured.
  2. Open back up the Movatic App the bottom of your screen will indicate that you have a active rental.
  3. Press the Active Circle, and click end rental.

To rent a bike make sure to download the Movatic App!