Are you tired of doing the same old boring workout that you have done time after time and need to try something different? Well here is your chance to spice it up a little by participating in our GlideFit and fitness classes at the Outdoor Pool.

Challenge yourself by testing your balance, stability, coordination & strength all on a floating fitness mat! Aquatic Based Stability Training (ABST) workouts are great for people looking to get a workout that is gentle on the body, yet still high intensity. This class will be offered Fridays July 10th, 17th, and 24th at 7:15 pm

If the GlideFit workout is a little to intense be sure to join us on Tuesday nights at the Outdoor Pool for a free aqua workout. This fitness class will allow you to workout in a fun, relaxed, and outdoor environment. This class will be at 5 pm on July 14th and 28th nights.