What is LEAP?

LEAP is an after school program but with a structured twist. We will do homework/reading (Learning Lab) have time for creative projects (Creation Station) and organized activities (Activity Time). Examples: basketball, volleyball fitness classes, art projects problem solving kids can be creative and express themselves – monthly calendars with planned activities will be given out each month. 

Starting Fall of 2022 the LEAP program will be held at the Gaukler Family Wellness Center.  VCPR is able to offer better amenities such as pool, playground, gym and WIFI. Another change this year is having LEAP on days that are off days. The only exception would be Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas break and Good Friday. Each child in LEAP needs to have an authorization/medical form filled out before the start of LEAP. Check our monthly calendar for days we are closed and more information.

There is NO LEAP on weather related school cancelations (ex. blizzard)

Who:  Boys & Girls Kindergarten- Grade 6
Where:  Gaukler Family Wellness Center  – 733 8th Ave SW Valley City
Regular Hours: 3:00 – 5:30 PM (non-school days and half days will have times posted on the monthly calendar and parents will be notified*)

Early Registration Fee for GFWC MEMBERS per month         $115.00 per child

Early Registration fee for NON-MEMBERS per month             $135.00 per child

Regular Registration Fee  GFWC MEMBERS per month          $135.00 per child

Regular Registration Fee  NON-MEMBERS per month            $155.00 per child

Early Registration date is the 15th of the previous month.

*All LEAP kids will need to bring their own lunches and snacks on full days and half days. VCPR will not be providing any snacks.

Scholarships are now available for LEAP! For more information about scholarships call
845-3294 or email Hilary at hilaryk@vcparks.com.