Music in the City Park Bandshell

The Valley City Parks & Recreation District originated Music in the Park during the summer of 1996.  Local families & groups donate their time and talents each Wednesday evening throughout the summer months.  Over the last 20 years, a wide variety of entertainment has been enjoyed in City Park.

The historic 1931 City Park Bandshell, damaged from flooding events in 2009 and 2011, is ready for another year of hosting entertainment on Wednesday nights.   A community wide effort raised money to move the band shell onto a new foundation a few feet north during the summer of 2015.  A Carrington, North Dakota house moving company lifted the structure and placed it onto its new foundation.

Music in the Park returned to the bandshell in mid-July of 2015.   Summer of 2016 was also delayed as a flood protection wall was being put up at the south entrance so we again relocated at the Barnes County Courthouse lawn.  In 2017 the bandshell was used each week throughout the summer.

Returning Wednesday, June 17th- Details to come!
It’s that time again and we are so ready for summer!  Despite the COVID-19 keeping us closed for an extended time, we have completed our schedule for this summer.   We will be experiencing a wide variety of changes creating a new “NORMAL” for all of us.   

Due to the COVID virus, Music in the Park will be relocating to a “Drive-In” style of program to be held at the Hanna Field parking lot located north on Central Avenue across from the Care Center.  VCHS has been very kind to allow us to use their facility as long as necessary this summer.  Feel free to bring your lawn chairs to place in outside in front of your vehicle or to remain in your vehicle with your windows rolled down.   This is a new venture for all of us, so please be patient as work through the changes.   If weather does not allow us to be outdoors, the program will be CANCELLED.   Listen to KOVC/NewsDakota, check our website:,; check social media or call our office at 845-3294.

Returned to City Park Bandshell!

The programs have returned to the City Park Bandshell.   Social distancing is encouraged.

A variety of entertainment is in store for everyone!  Come out and enjoy the beauty and ambiance of City Park.   Bring your lawn chair/blanket.   Each week a free will offering is taken to help support the continued work on the bandshell and its programs.

This year’s sponsors are Bridges Arts Council, NewsDakota, Myron Sommerfeld family, CVB, Cass County Electric, North Dakota Council on the Arts and Valley City Parks & Recreation.

Hope to see you all there 🙂