Full Time Staff

Director: Tyler Jacobson
Recreation Manager: Amy Pederson
Facilities Manager: Hilary Flatt
Office ManagerAshley Martinson
Park Shop Superintendent: Jim Olstad
Building and Grounds Superintendent: Mike Lentz
Golf Course Greens Superintendent: Darvin Keys
Wellness Center Maintenance Supervisor: Aaron Heck 

Administrative Assistant: Diane Sommerfeld

Addresses and Telephone Numbers

Gaukler Family Wellness Center, 733 8th Avenue SW

Bjornson Park Public Golf Course, 3473 Woodland Park

VCPR Park Shop, 1105 Viking Drive

Valley City Community Outdoor Pool, 870 2nd Avenue NE

Park Board Members

President: Buff Murray
Vice President: Susan Kringlie
Commissioner: Jordyn Heck
Commissioner: Ross Powell
Commissioner: Rich Schueneman

2020 National Gold Media Finalist